Recent Tributes

Tommie Driver

Created by: Carrie Driver

This is in honor of my husband, Tommie Driver, who I lost Tommie Driver

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Russell Beasley

Created by: Sherrilyn Dalton

Russell passed on May 7,2017. He was such a special person with Russell Beasley

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Edythe Henderson

Created by: Courtney Sadler

Mom was a woman full of laughter. We miss her presence and Edythe Henderson

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Sylsil Pereira

Created by: Adriane

Sylsil was the most gentle, kind and faithful being that I have Sylsil Pereira

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William Comer Sr.

Created by: Lorraine Comer

Missing my dad, wish you were still here with us. Christmas was William Comer Sr.

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Tim Jackson

Created by: Kim Jackson

My husband went to heaven on April 20, 2023. He loved to Tim Jackson

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