Cynthia Wiggins

Cynthia Wiggins

Created by: Lisa Wiggins

Trellis came into our lives in early March. Mom had been ill for quite some time. As her journey progressed, Trellis introduced us to their team. Amazing nurses, CNA’s, Chaplain care, Music Therapy, Massage Therapy, Social Workers and Bereavement Counselors. Each person played an integral part in caring not only for our mother but our whole family, including our fur baby! Always available 24 hours a day. Showing care, compassion and empathy. From those that answered the phones, to the medication delivery persons to the pharmacy, everything was taken care of. They explained the dying process, so we understood exactly what was happening to mom. They were gentle and always made sure she was safe and cared for. On the date of our mother’s death, she was surrounded by love and peace as she went to be with the Lord. Her suffering was over. We would like to extend a very special thank you to Miss Beverly, who I spoke to what seemed like every day, Chaplain Carol, Music Therapist Sarah, Massage Therapist (cannot recall her name), CNA’s Angelita (affectionately known as Angie) and Jade. Our bereavement counselor Tiffany, our social worker Eileen, her primary nurse Lisa and all those who came out all hours of the day and night. Each part of the Trellis team made us feel like family. My mother was born in Michigan and moved to Alaska. She has 2 children (myself and my sister). She had lived all over the east coast, working in prison ministries and law enforcement (non-sworn). She was a loving caring soul. Her family and all of her fur children were her pride and joy. Most importantly she loved the Lord. She rarely complained rather said “it is what it is”. She asked why she was still in this earth several times. I told her I didn’t not know but that God wasn’t finished just yet with her. And he wasn’t. My sister and I both know what her final wish and prayer was and what she and the Lord were waiting for. Even though we miss her, we know she is no longer suffering. We consider it a blessing and a gift from God to have cared for her during her last days. Thank you to the entire Trellis team. You are loved and cherished by all of us, including mom…..
Much 💕,
Lisa, Darby, Cynthia and of course “Gideon”

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