Glenda Gibbons McCracken

Glenda Gibbons McCracken

Created by: Tracy Long

Glenda Gail Gibbons McCracken was born on December 23rd 1956 to Luther & Maxine Gibbons. Keith Randall Gibbons is her younger brother.

Glenda married the love of her life United State Marine, Walter Ralph McCracken on December 1975. They were what most would call a fairly tale romance & Ralph was most definitely her prince, 🤴 Glenda suffered from severe epilepsy from early childhood until her death in March of 2021 when she passed unexpectedly from a stroke.
Ralph & Glenda welcomed their first child Matthew Scott McCracken on August 20, 1980, Scotty is what they chose to call him & he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at infancy. Their second child, a little girl was welcomed on August 15th of 1986.
Ralph was a truck driver and at one point owned his own company, They loved to travel & trucking was a sort of family tradition that just came natural. Glenda loved to ride with her husband & kids whenever she could.
Atlantic Beach was her & Ralphs favorite vacation spots to take their children on annual McCracken family beach trips, Candor NC was another favorite spot that was closer to home, they would visit friends that owned a local produce stand & stock up on their favorites! Kermits hot dog house of Winston Salem NC was one of her favorite restaurants to eat, Glenda loved the famous “buster burger all the way!!”
Ralph has always had a passion for old cars, so naturally Glenda loved them just as much! Whatever made her man happy she was down with it!! She enjoyed life, & God was ALWAYS ALWAYS first in EVERYTHING, this value was instilled in my brother & I from day one. 💜 She made sure to thank him daily for everything, prayers were always said at night & reading her Bible was her absolute favorite thing to do. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll let others share some memories of my Mom!!!!!!!

Mommy, I love you to the moon & back. I miss you more and more every day. Keep watching over us. Thank you for listening to me & answering my prayers when your able!!!! Especially the other night! Brandi loved her visit from her Daddy! You’re the best.

I love you,
Your baby girl

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