Jane Shuping

Jane Shuping

Created by: Jenny Ryerson

My beautiful mother passed away October 28th of this year. This Christmas will be my first Christmas without her. I have had other family members pass away but her passing has truly been the hardest and most painful. I have felt physical pain which at times has felt unbearable at moments. I know her spirit is around. Her memories and love will always be in my heart, but her physical presence is definitely missed. I love you mama. Merry Christmas in heaven.

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  • David Curlee says:

    Thanks for being there for all of us it has meant so much with the sacrifice you endured. It still saddens me with your loss even though your spirit or soul is in heaven. I often feel you are watching over me and your spirit will always be with us throughout life’s struggles.
    You were really an inspiration and made the decision going through hospice at the end of one journey and starting another. You will be missed and not forgotten. I love you mom.
    Love David

  • Andy Curlee says:

    I have so many fond memories of Mom during Christmas from childhood. From shopping, to decorating, and cooking. I know how much work it is for us today and I can’t imagine how she did it all way back then with 5 children. Your absence leaves such a void. I love you and miss you.

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